More and more Brits are looking to immigrate to Canada for better opportunities and higher quality of life.

In fact, Canada is a prime destiny for the citizens of the United Kingdom interested in experiencing life to the full, whether it be work, study or investing.

Members of the immigrate4canada team who immigrated to Canada will tell you Cana da is a great place to raise a family.

Within days of Britain voting to leave the European Union, Google searches for “move to Canada” hit an all-time high.

Data from Google Trends show a huge spike in Britons typing “move to Canada” into their search bar today, rising approximately 100-fold com rising approximately 100-fold compared to the period 24 hours before.

Residents of the UK are drawn to Canada for a variety of reasons; multiple job opportunities, higher salaries, less cramped, clean air, breathtaking scenery, lower crime, lower utility bills, functional communities and of course World renown friendless of Canadians to immigrants.

With has close ties to the UK, shared history, language and culture, ease of access and a very high standard of living, shared values, education and political systems, Canada is set to continue to be a top destination, Canada is one of the most popular locations in the world for UK citizens to move to.

There are a number of visas available to our British cousins seeking to move to Canada.

A member of the immigrate4canada team can advise you on the entry pathway for you and your family.

Points Based Immigration to Canada

In 2003, Canada lowered entry points system from 75 points to 67.

Generally, Brits score well because the UK and Canada are so well aligned in terms of work, educations,

The criteria that the new system is structured around is a s follows:

  • Education – The level of your education will determine how many points you get in this area with a maximum of 25 available.
  • English and French Language Ability – If you have high proficiency in English and French, this means you can obtain up to a maximum of 24 points
  • Work Experience – The number of years you’ve spent in a particular job and at what level can influence your points here. You can obtain a maximum of 21 points.Age – Your age will have an effect on your application when applying for a Canadian Visa. If you are aged between 21-49, you can obtain a maximum of ten points.
  • Arranged Employment – If you have a job waiting for you in Canada this can help your points. You can obtain up to ten points here.
  • Adaptability – This covers a number of areas from what your spousal level of education is, whether they’ve studied or lived in Canada or whether they have family in Canada. A maximum of ten points in total is available here.

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