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Family Class Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship

Numerous Canadian Nationals and Permanent residents have friends and family abroad that they wish they could bring to Canada. The Canadian government provides many opportunities to live your dream, especially with the Family Class Sponsorship. The Family Class Sponsorship program offers one of the most popular family reunification program in developed countries. Canada believes that the family unit is important, and with this Family Class Sponsorship, they Canadian government ensures that families are kept together.

There are certain family relationships that meet all prerequisites for the Family Class Sponsorship; these include spouses and common-law partners, parents and grandparents, dependent children, and other classes of relationships recognized by the Provincial Family Class Sponsorship programs. There is also a Super Visa program for parents and grandparents.

To confirm your eligibility for the Family Sponsorship Program, you need to undertake a free Canadian Immigration Assessment.

Which Family Class Sponsorship program is right for you?

  • I have a parent or grandparent that I would like to bring to Canada.

For those interested in bringing a parent or grandparent to Canada, one option is through Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program. This program has a limited amount of acceptable yearly applications. When the maximum has been exhausted, applicants have another option through the Super Visa Program, enabling parents and grandparents to obtain a 10 year multi-entry visa to Canada.

Furthermore, you can consider sundry Provincial Family Class Sponsorship programs available. Notwithstanding your choice of program, it is imperative that your parents or grandparents meet the preconditions. and also that the sponsors meet Canada’s sponsorship requirements.

For more information on what these requirements are and how they are obtainable, consider taking the FREE assessment