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Why does Canada need and want more immigration?

Ageing population, skills and labour shortages, unfilled job vacancies, demand for skilled and semi-skilled labour, need for industry sector professionals, self employed professionals and entrepreneurs as well as feeding an increasing demand for skills needed to support trade and investment to sustain and drive economic growth.

These are some of the reasons why CANADA is needs to attract as many as ONE MILLION immigrants over the next few years. Canada’s “multi-year strategy” has been described as its “ most ambitious immigration plan in recent history.”

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The number of economic migrants, family reunifications and refugees will climb to 310,000 in 2018, up from 300,000 this year. That number will rise to 330,000 in 2019 than 340,000 in 2020

The Canadian government is boosting the base number of immigrants allowed into Canada next year to 300,000, to help drive economic growth as the country grapples with an aging demographic.

Government sources stated that its new immigration plan is will “lay the foundation for future growth.”

The government’s economic growth council had recommended raising immigration levels to 450,000 over the next five years.

Entries up for economic class

The 2017 targets boost entries for those in the “economic” class — skilled workers, business people and caregivers — to 172,500 from 160,600. In the family class, the number of sponsored spouses, partners, children, parents and grandparents will climb to 84,000 from 80,000.

The threat from depopulation

Immigrants bring enormous value and benefit to Canada’s economy and diverse communities.

Without immigration the population in Provinces like Manitoba would have declined over the last decade or so. Canada recognizes that immigration is vital to its future, especially in geographies like Manitoba, where the risk of depopulation is very real.

The Canadian and Provincial immigration programs are regularly updated to ensure that the system is fair, measured and successful for newcomers and for Canadians.

Why use an accredited immigration professional

The value of using an accredited, fully licensed and regulated immigration consultant cannot be over emphasized, considering the fact there are over 60 programs immigration programs available. When you take into account everyone’s personal and unique circumstances and the complexity of the Canadian immigration process, using a professional immigration consultant makes good sense.

The rights of LGBTQ2 individuals and couples

If you self-identify as an LGBTQ2 individual, please note that the Canadian Government extends important rights to you and your partner. These rights are enshrined in Canadian legislation and are in place to ensure LGBTQ2 individuals and couples are afforded the same rights and opportunities as other persons when it comes to immigration related matters.